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I found a great read today! Its a short read, but very powerful since we all need to manage our time. We manage it for fun, for business, and for pleasure. What time do you need to manage most? The picture from the author of this blog post help give a visual to things that might help. I’m going to consider how these suggestions will help me with my jewelry business! Thank you “Images In Bloom Studio” for a great piece of helpful information!!!!

Images In Bloom Studios

Managing time is one of those “essential” skills that crosses over every boundary, no matter whether you stay at home and run your household, or juggle a career or business.  Time management is as effective as you are at doing the planning.

In that graphic at the top is a lot of information that points to the process of planning… so many things to keep in mind, or allow for.  I must tell you that i struggle sometimes – after planning well, something diverts my attention or begs to divert my day or evening all together.    Here are some basics that i use:

  • Take at least 15 minutes every day to sit with a notebook or tablet, pen and your calander or planner
  • list all of the activities and projects you need to get done.
  • assign a reasonable length of time to each task
  • prioritize the tasks – most…

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A Sure Cure For Your Winter Blues!

Hurry! Don’t waste anymore time! Jump out of those cozy “around the house clothes” and get dressed, and run to your local craft stores! This is the perfect time of year to bag those clearance deals and kick your winter blues in the bottom. Who wouldn’t be delighted with themselves for scoring crafting goodies at  75% off or more? New products start rolling in, and the things that you may have been contemplating purchasing all year are rolling out, only at insane prices. I have the perfect example. I had been wanting another OttLite for my crafting area, but I hated the thought of spending a lot of money. Even during a good sale a small one runs about $45.00. Thinking back to the smashing great deal that I found on one last year, I figured that I’d never find another one for $20 again.

Soon it was all forgotten….., until one day my friend and I decided to go hit the sales. We found a basket full of great crafting items marked down to  75-90% off the retail price! We even found a section for damaged packages and returned products that had been reduced to 75% off with no returns. To our sheer and utter delight we saw a store employee getting ready to move a cart full of OttLites up to the front of the store where they were featuring their big blow out clearance sale!! We quickly grabbed up a couple of boxes and asked her to use her price gun and tell us what they were on sale for. She started saying , “Well it says the retail price is $89.99”, and then paused. She hit a few more buttons and said “So at 90% off the sale price, they are only $3.99.” Needless to say we happily trotted off to the register with our treasures in hand. Too bad I can’t get my jewelry supplies that cheap!

After returning to another craft store today and seeing many rubber stamping and inking supplies at nearly 70% off I knew that just had to write a blog post about my shopping adventures. So to sum things up, get out there and round up some treasures! When you are done come back and share your finds!

OttLite clearance score

OttLite Clearance Score!

Winter Is In Full Swing!!!

Winter is in full swing, and although I only live on the Central Coast of California, I’d have to say that it is still very cold to us here. I know that many of you have had more severe weather, and end up spending much more time indoors, happily giving you a crafting advantage! This is a perfect time to start plotting out your course. I’ve had a so many ideas for Loving Liberty Jewelry that I went out and bought a special notebook! SO what are you aspiring to do with your crafty skill or business this year? How will you manage your craft ideas, craft business, and work time? What inspires you?

Let me just share a couple of links with you that inspire me:

Check out ->  Jenny Barnett Rohrs is a busy “craft-a-nista”, and provides awesome reviews on new products that will get your gears turning. Many questions asked on her site receive answers, and there are always great give-aways and contests! This is a goody that I won just a few months ago!


I ALSO ENJOY -> Art of Crafts: created by Alison Wood,  a creative writer with a passion for sharing crafting ideas! On her site she includes interviews and advice from people who are running craft businesses. She also features  many neat craft projects, tutorials, and giveaways. She also runs a craft directory for those who want/need a place to be found , see the site for full details.


I just wanted to leave a special THANK YOU to these two ladies

who continue to inspire the crafting community!


My New Favorite Quote!

Diamonds are only chunks of coal,
that stuck to their jobs, you see.
~Minnie Richard Smith, “Stick to Your Job”

With a little persistence, with a little determination, and stick-to-it-iveness, much can be accomplished.

Thank you to all of my friends, family, helpers,local shops, blog followers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans for supporting my business.

You are helping LLJ to sparkle and shine!